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viored's Journal

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to viored, an uncreatively-named fan community for the rock band Viored.


is Kei (vo., ex-Marusa), Yuichi (gt., ex-Shulla), Nagi (gt. ex-Shulla), Seiya (ba., ex-Ace) and Kou(dr ex-HenzeL). The band was officially announced on Visunavi on 2006.09.21, about half a year later than expected, along with news of a soon-to-be released mini debut album entitled "Chaos". Viored has actually been ready for a while now, but had to postpone their debut to avoid it clashing with Guys Family's debut (formed by Kaito, yet another ex-member (vo.) of Shulla. He has since changed his stage name to 'Kight').

"Chaos" will be released on 9th November 2006. For now, you can listen to preview clips at their OHP to get an idea of what their music will be like. Visunavi described their sound as "excellence that surpasses all time". Let's find out. 8)


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Discussion, news, fanwork etc. all welcome.

That's all for now.♥